Design Sprint

Solve big product challenges and test new ideas in just 4 days. Get user insights before launching and see how customers react.


The Underlying

Creating a solution with a real impact is tough work. Teams often get stuck in an endless building phase. Investing time and resources before actually knowing if the solution will work.

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A Battle-Tested Solution

Straight from idea to insights. That's the powerful idea behind the Design Sprint which has proven itself countless times. In just one week, this mindset helps to answer critical questions, build a tangible solution and test with real customers.

The lean startup cycle with idea, build, launch and insights

From A to Z

The Design Sprint is an effective and productive week that leads you to faster insights and a better product.
Sketching a user interface on paper
Focus & Ideate

The first day is all about understanding the challenge and generating multiple solutions.

Two people discussing a storyboard
Decide & Storyboard

The second day starts by selecting a winning concept and ends with a blueprint for the prototype.

A working prototype for a glasses consultant
Design & Prototype

On the third day we create a realistic prototype in the fastest and most efficient way.

A woman testing a software application

On the last day we test the prototype with five users to gather insights and validate the prototype.

Case Study

See It All in Action

We helped Europe's largest online optician to create a new online experience that helps customers find glasses faster.

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Questions & Answers

You Probably Have Questions

Although the Design Sprint is a very structured process, there are many pitfalls and things to keep in mind. We curated the most commonly asked questions.
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“Great conduction and amazing high quality prototype. I can only recommend having them as a partner for Design Sprints.”
Marianne Helbig, Mister Spex

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