Facilitator Masterclass

The Facilitator Masterclass is a international, peer-based learning experience that takes professionals from beginner to master facilitator in 4 weeks.

The Masterclass is for anyone who wants to...

Increase the productivity and creativity within teams team
Create an environment that cultivates trust, collaboration and wellbeing
Deliver engaging meetings and workshops in a virtual environment
Solve complex problems, by facilitating tangible solutions
Drive their career by generating better outcomes within in your organisations
Connect and exchange with like-minded individuals

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation comes with the mentality of learning, sharing and doing. Facilitators can apply digital tools, methods and techniques to run better meetings and prepare effective workshops with stakeholders and teams.

Two people looking on a storyboard that is sketched on a whiteboard

Why take this course now?

More work is now done in cross-functional and distributed  teams, thereby increasing the diversity of perspectives, knowledge, personalities and cultures. That's why Facilitation is now needed more than ever to address complex challenges.

The lean startup cycle with idea, build, launch and insights


We have put together a whole website about this training, where you can learn all about it.